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A BREAKTHROUGH New Mosaic & HouseMade Does It Again! TFN

This week is one for the books, the future of Baker and the entire industry is BRIGHT, and this week has just been one of those productive stints where you really begin to see the larger projects coming together. At Baker Forge, our goal has always been to innovate without the space we have created, and things are coming together in BIG ways. Stay tuned and let’s grow together!

This weekend’s drop has dominated our time and energy the last week. After a tireless FOUR  YEARS of experimentation and trial & error, we have finally arrived at a Copper Damascus fusion that we REALLY love and stand behind. The integrity, design, and overall ‘look’ of this BRAND new concept is truly something we are proud of having achieved. With a knowledgeable and experienced shop staff lead by Jay Baker, we are thrilled to release this new mosaic with YOU this coming Saturday. You can read more about it below in the “Sneak Peek” section. 

In other news, we brought in an additional band saw to our shop this week. As it is with growth, we are learning to work within our new space and constantly adjusting and upgrading things to keep the production flow positive and continue to supply our customers with the best product as quickly and efficiently as possible. A small bottleneck had formed in our production with limited space at the bandsaw area and now we’re equipped to improve! 

Baker Boss, Coy, spent some time this week assembling a brand new HouseMade Industries Forge! In addition to HELIOS, our primary forge built by the folks at HouseMade, this new forge further equips us with the best possible shop space to do what we do best. If you are in the market for a forge, we HIGHLY recommend this well established company. These relationships are built on TRUST and we are thankful for the strong companies that supply this community with our tools, forges, and materials!

Over on X, we are actively growing a community of Makers and have weekly discussions about growth, tips of the trade, and general encouragement and support. Join us weekly on Fridays for “Follow Friday” where pillars of the X Makers community work together to help new Makers get their names out and find new customers & followers! Join us on X and communicate with the Maker community in a simplistic, engaging, and best of all free format! You can find our account here.


Sneak Peek Saturday Drop!

Get ready to be BLOWN AWAY by our latest creation: Elite Copper Damascus! After over FOUR YEARS of experimentation, spearheaded by our Shop Manager, Jay Baker, we're thrilled to unveil this groundbreaking new mosaic steel in two mesmerizing patterns: Alien Eye and Diamond-X.

Crafted with precision and passion, Elite Copper Damascus is the result of relentless dedication to innovation. This first batch is extremely limited, with only 10 bars available in various sizes. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of history!

Mark your calendars for Saturday at 8pm EST and head to our website to secure your Elite Copper Damascus before it's gone. This is a drop you won't want to miss!

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