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A HUGE Change to All Future Orders and a BRAND NEW Pattern! TFN 

Boy, Christmas came QUICK!


Seems like only last week the weather was hot, the days long, and now it’s Christmas music on the radio and that looming 2024 already on the horizon. 

This week our media team went HAM, Christmas lights were tangled and strung across the headquarters, employees were adorn in Santa hats, and some of the shop guys even admitted they may have heard a Christmas tune whistled abashedly by Cole. It’s nice that the holidays make a visible difference even in such a hard-working environment. And all of our posts this season should reflect the fun! 🎄


This week we made perhaps one of the largest physical changes to our product line as a whole that we have ever made, and it was a long-time coming. For some time, we have been working toward refining the quality control of outgoing billets with a full grind on both sides. This not only delivers a scale-free, precision-ground, and shining billet every time, but also allows us to check steel for even the smallest imperfections and ensure we ALWAYS deliver the finest quality billet. 

As a new part of all future outgoing billet sales, billets will travel through our brand new blanchard grinder, producing a final product of which we are very proud. Scale is now a thing of the past!


As a parting note for the holidays, we want to remind all of you gift-givers that Gift Cards are available on our site and very popular this time each year. Whether it’s a Baker Forge T-Shirt or the next innovative pattern, gift your friends & family Baker Forge this Christmas!


Get one here!

🔥 Introducing Riptide Coppermascus: New Pattern Alert! 🔥

Get ready for an unprecedented drop this Saturday at 8pm ET! We're thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: Riptide Coppermascus.

This isn't your typical Riptide pattern - it's a game-changer! Featuring damascus steel on both the cladding and the core, this design takes it up a notch. Say goodbye to the standard 10-80 core strip—instead, we've infused a layer of stunning copper damascus with a pure nickel shim on each side.

And there’s more! We're introducing a brand-new precision grind on both sides of these billets and all future products. This drop marks the debut of this new enhanced feature, setting a new standard for excellence in our products, and ensuring our quality control standards are as high as possible!

This Saturday at 8pm ET, be among the first to own the extraordinary Riptide Coppermascus. 


 “And if you see a sign that says 'Peep Show,' it doesn’t mean that they’re letting you look at presents before Christmas.”

-Santa, in “Elf”

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