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Love Is In the Air & 9,000 Feather Damascus TFN

Happy Friday!

Love is in the air this week. Perhaps it was the end-cut batch that went live Tuesday, or the BRAND NEW damascus round-bar that dropped on Thursday, but one way or another things were pulsing around the Baker HQ as we churned out our newest product. 

On Monday we asked the shop guys if they would engage in some creative video ideas for Valentines Day, they declined. We argued, they refused. I guess lines have to eventually be drawn, and embracing one another or giving us their “Work-Valentine” on video for the blacksmith world to see was finally that line, haha! Regardless, we enjoyed the holiday in normal blue-collar fashion with a little suggestive humor on the socials.

To those of you who saw our post and jumped on the surprise end-cut drop in the first 12 MINUTES, congratulations! To the many, (and I mean many), who reached out that they missed the sale, we’re sorry. However, these end-cuts are a byproduct of products we’ll make weekly, so stay tuned in on our socials and you’ll see this come back around! You can also subscribe to be notified when we post on IG so you never miss a drop!


The much-anticipated arrival of a long dreamed of product came yesterday. We have mentioned progress on this front often in the past few weeks and after getting our new lathe ready to go, we began production of Baker Forge’s Damascus Round Bar!

You may have seen it on socials, but Shop Manager Jay took one for the team this week. Cleaning the depths of our new Blanchard Grinder, if you missed the video, jump on and give it a look!

No strong small business operates without its share of bumps on the road, and Baker is no exception. Our BIG 350LB Hammer went down this week with an electrical issue that has our style cramped on production a bit. BUT we plan for this sh*t and life goes on. After a few days out-for-the-count, we expect to have the issues solved and that bad boy back by the end of the week!


🔥 Drop Alert: 9,000 Layer Feather Damascus! 🔥

The wait is over! This Saturday at 8 pm EST, we're reintroducing a fan-favorite that's been on high demand—the majestic 9,000 Layer Feather Damascus. Known for its intricate feather-like pattern, this steel is not just a masterpiece; it's a symbol of unrivaled craftsmanship.

While not a frequent drop due to its time-consuming nature, this 9,000 Layer Feather Damascus has become a popular choice among our customers. Join us this Saturday and secure your piece of this coveted creation. 


"I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions."

 - Stephen R. Covey

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