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Sneak Peek Mosaic Coppermascus & the LAST Batch of W’s Core???

Happy Spring, Makers!

…At least it was at the beginning of the week! In classic Appalachia fashion our little mountain town experienced a crazy 75 degree and sunny beginning to the week that has sharply turned to a brisk SNOWY sub-freezing winter wonderland. We’ll take it though, as we hit the ground running early in the week preparing food yet another exciting Saturday drop that we’ll get into details about below! 

In addition to the weather shift and productive Monday/Tuesday, back half of the week provided us the time to further experiment with a new Mosaic Coppermascus recipe we have been refining for quite some time now. We’ll save the hot gossip for the next week or two’s newsletter but let’s just say, keep your eyes peeled! 👀


Maker Spotlight!


This week we showcased this insane blade from friend & industry pro, JB Blades. Having past through the Baker Studio for Professional Photos, we knew this bad-boy deserved a little public love! The blackout look is strong with this one. A custom DarkMai steel construction with copper and nickel spacers in the handle to match and some gorgeous maple burl to tie the whole thing together! 

Sneak Peek Saturday Drop!

For the last time until our return from the World’s Largest Blade Show we are bringing the HEAT with our W core series! Only this time we took our regular CopperMai with the mosaic-w’s core damascus and LADDERED it! Just the right amount of funky in this batch and it’s going to drop on the website this Saturday at 8pm EST! DO NOT miss it, you’ll be waiting a bit if you do!


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