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This stunning variant of our standard MokuMai uses a 55 layer Raindrop Mokume over a 100 layer damascus carbon steel core. The result is a pattern like no other! Lots of flash with the bright cladding which stands in perfect contrast to the Damascus core material when etched.


All billets come annealed with little to no scale. Pretty much clean and ready to use in your next project!

NOTE: Depending on your blade thickness, this steel may bend even after HT. This is due to the large amount of non hardening material on the cladding.


Beautiful colors can be achieved in this material by many methods! Etching, blueing, heat. Options are limitless.

(Blades pictured are work from Jim Dobbler)



(Please read if you wish to have your billet rolled thinner or surface ground)


We have a new system in place for accepting requests for billet rolling and surface grinding services. Please click this LINK or see the product below called (Billet Services) This will need to be added to your cart along with your billet during checkout if you wish to have it rolled thinner or surface ground prior to shipping.


Any billet purchased without this add-on will NOT be eligible for these services.




What is Mokume Gane?

Mokume gane (mow-koo-may gone-ay) is a laminated metal, made out of non-ferrous (no iron) metal. It is believed to have been first created about 300 years ago in Japan. At this time, Japanese sword making was the highest art form in the country, and mokume-gane was developed to decorate the hilt of the sword.


True mokume gane is laminated together through the process of high heat and high pressure, where the layers are fused together. To start, sheets of precious metal in different colors are stacked together, like a stack of paper, in an extremely clean and laboratory like environment.Then, the "billet" is placed, under extreme compression, in a kiln, in near-melt temperatures. The molecules have a grand time jumping around, and they intermingle in-between the layers. In between every layer, an extremely thin third layer is formed, which is the eutectic bond between layers.No solder is used. With a lot of skill and expertise, precision techniques, and a little prayer to the mokume god, a perfectly bonded billet is formed.

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Heat Treat:

We recommend heat treating in a kiln following the schedule listed here. We also recommend clamping the blade between two wood boards directly following the oil quench to help facilitate even cooling throughout the piece. Leave it cool in the wood to achieve the straighest results possible.



If you need help with the finishing process of this material, see our section at the top of the menu on "Finishing"

Raindrop MokuMai (Damascus Core)

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