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This layout is comprised of 3 main components on either side of a 80crv2 core. The first cladding layer is some beautiful wrought iron forge from antique ship chains. The history alone in this layer is unreal! The wrought iron etchs into a very cool wood grain like texture/pattern. Following the wrought is 100 layer Damascus for extra "pop" and to give a beautiful flow to the pattern. And of course third is the copper layer sitting right up against the core material. It just isnt a Baker Forge billet without that stark layer of pure grade copper. 😍



- Antique Wrought Iron and 100 Layer Damascus cladding with a strip of solid copper and a 80crv2 core for optimal cutting performance!


- Forged finish- Billets come fully annealed



 (Please read if you wish to have your billet rolled thinner or surface ground) 


We have a new system in place for accepting requests for billet rolling and surface grinding services. Please click this LINK or see the product below called (Billet Services) This will need to be added to your cart along with your billet during checkout if you wish to have it rolled thinner or surface ground prior to shipping. 


Any billet purchased without this add-on will NOT be eligible for these services.





 ** Blade pictured is an example piece to show the steel when bevels have been ground into it exposing the layers




What is the term "ShichiMai" and what does it mean? "Shichi" comes from Japanese meaning seven . And "Mai" meaning layer. Hence, ShichiMai = Seven Layer


SanMai - 3 Layer

GoMai - 5 Layer

ShichiMai - 7 Layer


---- Pic's of folders credit to Jim Dobbler -----

Wavy ShichiMai - Wrought/Damascus

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