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Want to have your specific image, design, logo or pattern cast into a bar of steel? 

We are now proud to offer fully CUSTOM image mosaic damascus in ANY configuration you can dream of!!

How does someone begin the ordering process?



Step 1: 

Fillout the form below and purchase your place holder on our build list. This will immediately put you down on the order books and reserve your spot. (This charge is fully refundable if you decide not to proceed with the order during step 2) 


Step 2:

Pattern discussion/Getting a quote. We have two dedicated team members on hand to work with you to create your vision for a pattern and turn it into a bar of steel. This process will first start with you either providing us a drawing, or sending us a picture of what you're looking for. We will then trace and create a 3D rendering of the pattern for you to review. (This can be either via email or we can ship a physical rendering to you for in-person evaluation (Buyer pays shipping) 


Once the pattern has been agreed upon, we will send you a itemized quote for you to review!


Step 3:

Deposit and Forging. Congratulations! We're another step closer to making your personlized mosiac damascus. 

Once you're happy with the pattern and quote, we will send out a 50% deposit request and then we can get started forging your pattern!  The exact 3D model we made during step 3 will be used to create the pattern welded steel. (Note, some very slight distortion is normal due to slight shifting during forging. But our talented smiths will keep that to a minimal) 


Step 4:

Final Payment and Completion. Once your custom patterned billet is finished, we will reach out to you with a final invoice for the remainder owed. Billets will ship with full insurace to protect that precious cargo! 


Its as easy as that to have custom mosaic made!  

Options for how to configure your mosaic Damascus bar:


- Square Bar - 

In this configuration, the bar will be a square bar in your desired dimentions with the pattern on the ENDGRAIN of the bar. (See pic above for diagram) 

This is great for slicing off slabs to use for bolsters, frames, handles, belt buckels, jewlery, etc.

Or to use as an element to add into your own damascus!

This option is the most cost effective for the end user. 


Limitations for square bar:

- Bar must be a minimum of 1"x1" square and not exceed 2.5"x2.5"

- Minimum length is 3" with a maximum length depending on the project. 

- Flat Bar - 

In this configuration, the bar will be a flat bar in your desired dimentions with the pattern on the FACE of the billet. (See pic above for diagram) 

This is great for knife blades, tattoo machines, putter faces, large bolsters and other large jewlery that may require more real estate then 2.5"x2.5"

This option is the more expensive, but more versitile for the end user. 

Limitations for flat bar:

- Bar must be a minimum of 4"x1.5"x0.09" and a maximum of 18"x2.75"x0.30" 

*Note, flipping the pattern to the face of the billet will create a repeating effect of the pattern along the face of the steel. Minor distortion of the pattern will occur in this step due to the nature of the forging. 

Fill out this form and get a quote! 
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Thanks for the interest! We will get back with you shortly!



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