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9,000 Layer Feather Damascus and 6 Foot Holes! TFN

Friday came quick with all of the action around our operation. A combination of work on the new facility, a ridiculous 9,000 layer Feather Damascus drop, and our long-lost Media Manager (Myself) coming into town for the week, the staff is spinnin’!

Earlier in the week we began preparations for the upcoming pour of two massive independent foundations that will support our hammers in the new facility, including an extra large foundation for the brand new Power Hammer (which we'll get into detail on later). While we prepared our foundations with the concrete crew, our construction team was been diligently working away on an enclosed grinding room.

Meanwhile back at the office, the media team has been together in person for the first time in quite a while. The non-remote working environment has allowed us to put a lot of exciting plans down as well producing and recording some INCREDIBLE new videos you’ll be seeing over the next few days and weeks!

The Baker Forge machine is undoubtedly running at a high rate of speed these days, but she

purrs like one of Cole’s machines and seeing everyone firing at all cylinders has been a confidence-booster for our future. So much is coming together and so much is on the horizon!

Stay tuned for our second shop update coming out tomorrow on YouTube, you can find a link to the page here.

Next week, BladeShow

The Baker Maker of the Week

Diving into the details of this magnificent 7-inch Chef from Fox Handmade Knives, featuring the captivating RipTide Ultra Ripple steel from Baker Forge and a handle adorned with Maple Burl from Bitterroot Handle Works. The copper spacer and pin add an additional touch of elegance!

PS. The Weekly Newsletter has a new look! Now newsletters will both be sent to your inbox AND uploaded to our site! Look out for "TFN" (The Friday Newsletter) weekly for insight, updates, and a behind-the-scenes perspective on BFT and the Knifemaking Industry!

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

-Winston Churchill


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