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Gator Piss Restock and APEX ULTRA CopperMai! TFN

Happy Friday, friends!


I can’t believe we’re already a week+ into 2024 already, boy, time is flying with the holiday season over! 

This week we tackled another huge batch of Gator Piss Etchant, and with our new bottle-sealing technology this batch was packed and ready for purchase in record time. It’s a production when we brew up a new batch but we appreciate the break in pace to do something different together. Jump on the site and get yourself a re-up on your etchant supply here. 


Drop Alert: Apex Ultra in CopperMai!

Get ready for a game-changing drop this Saturday at 8pm EST—introducing Apex Ultra in CopperMai! The fusion of CopperMai with the legendary Apex Ultra steel has been one of the most anticipated combinations of the year. Brace yourself for the beauty of CopperMai ni shim paired with the strength of the Apex Ultra core. This batch is exceptionally limited, as we are utilizing our ENTIRE remaining stock of Apex Ultra. 

Don't miss out on this highly sought-after release—set your alarms for Saturday at 8pm EST and secure your piece of the Apex Ultra in CopperMai before they're gone!


 "I was in the pool!" —George Castanza 

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