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Mosaic Innovation & An Anticipated Return! TFN

Once again, it’s Friday!


It has been one of those head-down, progress type of weeks for the entire Baker Forge staff. With a bunch of custom orders on the docket, the shop guys kicked ass. Not only fulfilling the custom orders, but supplying us with a fantastic mid-week drop!


In addition to the hustle and bustle across the shop floor, our media team dropped an insightful quiz earlier this week, challenging viewers to guess the true meaning of the word “Wrought” in “Wrought Iron”. Options were; 1. Mixed with a foreign matter. 2. Rough or uneven surface. 3. Low-Carbon Iron Alloy. 4. Worked into shape. While many guessed other options, a select few knew the answer to be the fourth option; “worked into shape”. Interesting, and wound up being a little teaser for the surprise mid-week drop.


Speaking of things coming down the line, with our new lathe, we spent some time this week working to refine our round bar process, bringing us one HUGE step closer to providing round bar stock on the site! Stay tuned for the announcement.


With all of that going on, Baker Boss, Coy, still found some time to work on a few new Mosaic Damascus concepts. Innovation has long since been our goal here at Baker, and we hope to continue the creativity and provide our customers with the newest and most “cutting edge” steel fusions possible!


Breaking News: ShichiMai Revival After a Long Hiatus!

Exciting news for our dedicated community! After a substantial hiatus due to the challenge of sourcing quality wrought iron, we are thrilled to announce the grand return of the much-loved ShichiMai at Baker Forge. This unique creation, clad in a layer of wrought iron and CopperMai, is making a comeback in four captivating patterns: Raindrop, Ripple, Wavy, and Chevron. Featuring a hundred-layer damascus shim and an exceptional wood grain pattern, each piece tells a story of dedication to craftsmanship.

This incredible drop happened mid-week, and as this newsletter reaches you on Friday morning, quantities may be limited. Dive into our site now to secure your exclusive ShichiMai piece—a testament to the enduring spirit of Baker Forge. Forge ahead with us! ⚒️



"If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn't have a job if he was any smarter." 


— John Gotti

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