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Moving Update & Some INSANE Crushed-W Core CopperMai

It’s almost the weekend, friends!

This week seemed to fly by, perhaps it was the mid-week end-cut drop that sold out within 40 minutes. Maybe it was the push to begin transporting large equipment from our current facility to the brand new Baker Forge Headquarters. Either way the shop guys were able to cook up a brand new pattern for y'all - CopperMai with a tight-crushed W’s damascus core!

This pattern was actually originally conceptualized by Greyson Weltyk (@Grey.Blades), who commissioned a small batch months back and we were so thrilled with the results we knew we needed to bring this one back for the community to get their hands on. (Dropping on the website this Saturday at 8pm EST!)

In the coming weeks our team will be tirelessly working to transport the bulk of our current equipment across town to our brand new headquarters. As a result, operations at our current shop are suspended until we are operational in the new space. Fortunately thanks to the extra effort of our dedicated & hardworking team we will still be able to supply YOU with weekly drops throughout the move. So keep your eyes peeled each weekend for our regularly scheduled and often exciting drops!

As part of the operational nightmare that moving is, we have issued the following statement regarding Billet Services;

"As of Oct 25th 2023, Baker Forge is moving all operations into a new facility. All billet rolling and surface grinding services are suspended until the shop is back up and running. (Nov 13th ish) You are welcome to still purchase a billet service with your order and we will hold it onsite until we are able to perform the service.

NOTE: This only applies to requested billet services. If you are purchasing a billet of steel as is, it will ship same or next day per usual."

As always, we are appreciative of the patience, support, and general enthusiasm that the Maker community brings to the business, especially as we tackle the final steps of our move.


“We sleep peaceably in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf."

– George Orwell

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