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New Dies for the Bulgarian BEAST & A New Mosaic Plug Damascus??? TFN

Is it just us or do Friday’s seem to be coming quicker and quicker each week! The push before BladeShow continues… 

This week we brought in some additional equipment to add to the lineup; first, a set of beautiful flat dies came in for the 350 lb Bulgarian Powerhammer. The old ones were saddling out and so we decided we wanted a set of H13 dies to last the rest of this hammer’s life. Thankfully the guys over at Hypercut Manufacturing in nearby Hendersonville, NC helped us out with some machining and we processed the heat treat in house! Those BIG boys are looking great, if you missed the reel on IG, check it out for a closer look!

The second incoming equipment of the week was the install of a BRAND new jib crane in the forging area. This crane will make a huge difference when we’re forging very large damascus billets.. 

We surprised folks with a random Thursday drop yesterday. After a delay on shipping with

our test knife Media Guy, Waylon, jumped into some studio shots as soon as the UPS guy pulled up and BOOM! Surprise Elite CopperMai but NOW in Ladder 🔥

If it's still available as you're reading this, you can find it here!

Lastly, we’re in search of a new shop hire, we couldn’t be more thankful for the steady growth of this business and bringing on more hands is exciting! If you live in our neck of the woods and want to try your hand at this, shoot us an email!


👀 Sneak Peek 👀

On the side, Baker Boss, Coy and the shop guys have been working on a few new Mosaic Plug Damascus bars, a combination that has proved testy in the past. This time we think we have it just right. Stay tuned this weekend for a potential surprise drop….


"Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."

-Douglas MacArthur

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