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Not ONE but TWO MidWeek Drops & Some INSIDER Info! TFN

TGIF, Friends! 


We’ve had a busy one around the Baker Forge HQ. The shop guys were hard at work the last few weeks preparing several larger single-client orders, pushing a bit beyond the numbers to provide ya’ll with not ONE but TWO insane midweek surprise drops! The first; a DarkMai that dropped Tuesday, and the second; CopperMai Nickel Shim in a Ripple pattern that dropped yesterday! Both of these drops are discounted to accommodate even the most budget-friendly Makers. If you missed it, check them out here.


This morning whether you’re getting into the shop for your first day of the weekend or finishing up the midweek projects, check out the Full Blast Podcast with Geoff Feder featuring special guest and Baker’s very own, Coy Baker! A weekly listen for all of us at Baker, it’s always an honor to join Geoff to chat! 


As part of our commitment to both be deeply involved in our local community as well as teaching our part of this legendary practice to the next generations, we are hosting a local homeschool Co-Op in the HQ on Saturday for a field trip! During their time with us, students will have a chance to see these big machines in action and learn about the damascus and mosaic steel process! 


There’s something new around the shop this week and we’re stoked to once again share a little insider detail here, where our newsletter subscribers get to find out first- our brand new metal lathe is now up and running. With this significant tool we are now able to begin production of round stock, something we have been working to since we arrived in the new space. Stay tuned for more innovation and new products as we strive to lead the industry in blacksmith materials!


“We don't make mistakes... we just make smaller


-Grit City Knives

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