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SilverStorm Available A DAY Early on the App & Some SERIOUS Innovation! TFN

It’s Friday again and we’re officially back in the normal “swing” of things!

This week we jumped back into some large bulk orders that stacked up during our weekend at Blade Show. In addition, the shop guys dialed up another innovative drop for the weekend utilizing some blanks from a custom billet we produced a while back. 

Behind the scenes of production, Baker Boss, Coy promoted and sold one of our lesser-used power hammers. This Bradley has been a beast for our shop, but with larger options now on the floor, we’re ready to part ways and empower a Maker with this ideal machine. We look forward to seeing it along to it’s next owner! 

On socials, we launched the first of a small series of Pocket Dump videos featuring some familiar (and famous) faces from the community. Producing and publishing media that entertains and highlights the cool folks we work with is one of the more enjoyable aspects of our work, and we hope you love the series!

There are LOTS of exciting developments in the coming weeks, sometimes on our quietest week things are brewing beneath the surface. This is one such week. Stay tuned as we continue our quest to innovate, create, and further stoke the Maker Community!


👀 Sneak Peek 👀

Introducing, at EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITIES; SilverStorm. Utilizing some nickel damascus blanks we overproduced for a custom order months back, the shop guys cooked up a special 50 layer nickel damascus cladding on this absolute STUNNER of a flashy pattern. 

On occasion, both the material and labor cost on an innovative idea extend beyond reason. With the SilverStorm, this is certainly the case. The sheer work involved in this specific billet makes it a likely one-off. So get it while it lasts; available FIRST on Friday at 12pm EST to those who have our Baker Forge App, and at 8pm EST SATURDAY on for those purchasing on the website!


“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” 

- Groucho Marx

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