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Stainless Core Coppermai, SUPER Limited Edition Raffle and the Rise of KOTHAR! TFN

Happy Friday, Friends!

It’s been one of those whirlwind weeks that in summery looks pretty damn busy, but realistically, we have the coolest job ever and every day is exciting regardless! 

Progress over the last week has brought us closer than ever to releasing one of our newest additions to the product line; Stainless Core CopperMai. We spent ample time refining this bar because we know it will be a powerful staple, and we can’t wait to unleash it in both NitroV AND AEBL. Stay tuned for the coming drop and get YOURS!

The progress doesn’t end there. Yesterday we had the privilege of introducing folks to the newest innovative uses for our material in the form of “KOTHAR”. A well-known 100% American Made Wallet manufacturer, Bejeti embodies the standard for quality that we strive for at Baker Forge, and having our Ripple CopperMai as the base for this exceptional wallet is truly an honor. You can see more of KOTHAR here.


We asked, you answered! Last week we asked YOU what to do with the INSANE one-off collaboration with Grey Blades; the Feather Web Mosaic. Our Founder, Coy, had a great time showing off this piece during Blade Sho TX last week, and upon his return we had to decide its fate. The answer on socials was a resounding request for a raffle, and we heard you! Now through Tuesday, buy one of our limited edition stickers and be entered to win the SUPER Limited Edition one-off Feather Web Damascus! 

To round out a busy week, we’re thrilled to have Justin from War Crown Forge in town and at our HQ for some collaborative development, and just all around good times TODAY. Tune into socials to see what we’re up to and say hi!

Lastly; Don’t miss out on the surprise Raindrop ShichiMai sale running until Sunday! Limited quantities available, get your hands on it here!


“A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends.”

-Baltasar Gracián

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JB Blades
JB Blades
Apr 08

Love these

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