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The Future CEO of Baker & Riptide Now in LADDER?! TFN


Happy Independence Day, Friends!

Yesterday we celebrated the Independence we appreciate in this great country. Politics aside, we refuse to take for granted the freedom and opportunity of which this nation has granted us. We couldn’t do what we do anywhere else, so happy 4th!

With the short week we haven’t seen the Shop guys since Wednesday, but that didn’t stop the progress. Things were whirring to start the week off and Jay had the guys kicking @ss in anticipation for the small break. This weekend’s drop is SURE to be exciting.

With the quieter week in the schedule, Baker Boss, Coy brought in young son, William for a little father-son time on Wednesday. Innovative works have long since been Coy’s strong-suit, and seeing him working on another exciting ‘secret’ project with the help of young William is an inspiration, and a motivator for the future. So many big strides, exciting new breakthrough ideas, and innovation on the horizon! Check out the reel on our socials from Wednesday for a sneak peak on the Baker boys work.

You may have seen some goofy cartoon graphics coming across socials around the mid-week this week as Baker Boss, Coy joined the guys from the Triple-T podcast. Denis Tyrell of Tyrell Knifeworks and Jerid Sandoval of Echo Blades do an exceptional job with a unique take from our industry and as their newest sponsor, we were stoked to be featured on the pod! To hear the episode, click here!

Next week we’re STOKED to host our Customer of the Year from 2023, Luke Bright of Barrel Falls Bladeworks at the Baker HQ. With several small projects lined up to work on during his visit, we are already buzzing with excitement to have one of our favorite Makers in the house! It’s a long way from up-state NY, and we’re going to optimize his time here. Stay tuned to see what Luke and the guys have planned AND keep your eyes on socials for a goofy introduction, as only we do! Check out Luke’s work here!


👀 👀 Sneak Peek 👀 👀

This week the shop guys are bringing back a CLASSIC favorite- Riptide! The first iteration of the Riptide came in a Ripple pattern and you folks LOVED it, so it’s been back around a few times. BUT this time we present the Riptide in our new TIGHT Ladder pattern! 

This layout came out absolutely outstanding, with our 100-layer Damascus, duel copper shims, the stark contrast of that 10-84 shim in between and it’s sure to be a ‘hit’ in Ladder. Join us on the Baker App for access a full day early! Available on the website Saturday, 8pm EST!


"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." 

—Conrad Hilton

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