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The GROUNDBREAKING New Baker App & CopperMai is BACK! TFN

Happy Friday, Makers!

Even in the throes of another busy week, we’ve still found the time to make some major advancements in the business. Having been cooking in the forge for quite some time now, yesterday we finally released our BRAND NEW Baker App. Additionally, we found some time to introduce our newest shop hire on social’s this week. The Boone, NC local joins us with shop experience and has added to his skill significantly already. To hear more about Frank, and some of the roles he’s filling in the Baker HQ check out the video!

Just prior to the App Launch, we published a new blog on the Baker Forge site that outlines some strategies to maintain growth even in spite of Meta’s recent policy crackdown on the knife industry. It’s a great resource for those looking for answers among the challenges of the knife maker “shadow bans”. You can read it directly on the app by clicking here or on the website here.


The NEW Baker App!

Our new Baker App was created with a culmination of services in mind. The idea was born as many of us watched Meta begin to crack down on the knife industry. After considering strategies for the future of online marketing in the knife business, it became clear that a privately owned and managed social option might be a HUGE tool that we could host for our customers and peers. Not only as a place for communication between Makers, but also as a home for Makers to document their work, publish their products, and act authentically and transparently on a platform that not only accepts but PROMOTES their handiwork. We hope that with time and refinement, it will be a viable option to connect with your customers, reach new collectors and customers, and openly share the blades for which you have worked so hard. With features like Groups; where any user can create a space for posts on a topic, entertain and correspond with donors, and invite folks to join and share. Private DM’s where you can connect directly with other users and send pictures and videos, and a main “Forge Feed” where any user can share on any topic!

As development began for the social side of our app, we added a massive shop section, giving users the chance to easily buy steel, Gator Piss, or anything available on our site DIRECTLY on the app! One of the perhaps most impactful tools going along with the shop is the ability to set up notifications, allowing the most committed Makers to never miss a drop again!

With the shop and social features in progress, we then built upon the user experience when ordering custom steel from us. Adding a simple field where users can easily order billets based on size, finish grind, etc. Creating the quickest and easiest checkout form yet!

Finally, to perfectly ‘ice the cake’, we threw in all of the best features of our site, easily accessible catch the blog, loyalty program, and scheduled events in one click!

We are thrilled to finally bring this new app to our devoted customers and friends, and we hope you’ll join us there. Like everything we create, we will constantly refine and better our product until it does the best possible job facilitating your needs. Rest assured that in a world of “Zuck Overlords” and “Shadow Bans”, Baker HAS YOUR BACK!


👀 Sneak Peek 👀

We are bringing back a classic this week- CopperMai in Chevron & Ripple! A staple of Baker Forge, our CopperMai is a heavily refined billet with an economical price tag. Inspired by the deep contrast of copper and an 80crv2 core, we LOVE making this sh*t, and we LOVE seeing what you guys do with it! Just in time for BladeShow ATL we’re stoked to bring it back around! 

CopperMai in Chevron & Ripple drops TOMORROW at 8pm EST on the Baker App AND website!


"Take a step or two forward, lads. It will be easier that way."

-Robert Childers, to his firing squad.

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