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TigerMai is BACK & Some Quick Mid-Week Drops TFN

It’s Friday, friends!

This week flew by for us, with the regularly scheduled drop already on our minds for the weekend, the TWO additional surprise drops this mid-week created a whirlwind in the Baker HQ. We started Monday with a random end-cut drop, something you newsletter readers were perhaps prepared for ahead of time, but for our casual social media follower, the less-than-an-hour sell-out was a bit of a shocker. Hidden in the stoke for a quick sellout is always that guilty feeling that we couldn't get a product in every excited customer's hand. Alas, end-cuts are a by-product material of our billets, so folks will have to wait for an eventual build-up of stock before the next drop. 

Similarly, we dropped something entirely new to our audience on Wednesday; Copper Damascus “Sticks”, another by-product of our typical copper-damascus, these sticks are the edge cuts of outgoing billets. With a uniquely thin, long, and jagged shape, we didn’t suggest any specific use for these, but knew our creative customers would be up for the challenge. We’re looking forward to seeing what you can create, so don’t forget to tag us!

With the crazy snowfall from last week now in the rear-view, things are a little sloppy outside, as the snow turns to slushy mess, creating the perfect environment for a little slush-spitting, tire-spinning fun on your way out of work for the day.


 Drop Alert: TigerMai Damascus Core in Three Patterns!

Gear up for an exhilarating drop this week featuring our classic TigerMai Damascus Core in not one, not two, but three stunning patterns—Raindrop, Wavy, and Chevron! Crafted with a hundred-layer Damascus Core, these TigerMai pieces are a testament to the artistry of Baker Forge.

We've meticulously prepared an abundance of these TigerMai wonders in various dimensions for each pattern. Whether you're drawn to the elegance of Raindrop, the dynamic flow of Wavy, or the bold sophistication of Chevron, we've got you covered.


"Well done is better than well said." 

-Benjamin Franklin

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