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We BLEW UP the Power-Hammer & Some Blade Show LEGENDS! TFN

 It’s Friday, and that means we have almost wrapped up another blur of a week preparing for the ‘World’s Largest Knife Show’. We hate to be repetitive, but any other update wouldn't be honest. Simply put; we continue to bust a$$ stocking steel for Blade Show, and we couldn’t be more excited to show you all!


This week, however, we hit our first major roadblock on production when we blew out our MASSIVE power hammer. We were a little astonished when smoke began to roll out and a fire nearly erupted on the shop floor. Thankfully, we have an incredible service network in place for just these situations and only three days after the event, we are back up and running as usual!


Baker Boss, Coy, exposed a little update from the Research and Development side of Baker Forge this week during a live stream. Giving viewers an update, and some supporting material as we wrap up innovations on a new plug weld damascus. Keep your eyes peeled for this new material to hit the site sometime soon!


We were STOKED to receive three brand new sets of forge tongs from Cliff Dufton this week. After reaching out publicly for a Maker willing to cook us up some new tools, Cliff reached out AND delivered! You can check out the tongs, and find Cliff’s profile on socials!


Now that Blade Show ATL is just weeks away, we threw up a video this week asking for those exhibiting to comment their table/booth number. This made for a GREAT refresher on some of our favorite Makers that showcase their work in ATL each year. If you plan on joining the masses for the upcoming show, consider prioritizing visiting the tables/booths of some of our favorites like; Maker, Semper Sharp at 21A, Collector & Dealer, Dien Nguyen at 344 showcasing some unique Baker Forge pieces, or Maker, Patrick Harp of Pharp Designs at 36E!


In addition, you can find our first ever booth at 1149! We have a TON of fun activities planned for the weekend, including perhaps our biggest giveaway EVER! Stay tuned for details 👀


👀 Sneak Peek  👀

TOMORROW! We are proud to reintroduce you to Tsunami, previously released in only Wavy and Chevron patterns, enjoy a brand new look! A Copper Damascus clad SanMai, this pattern reveals a gorgeous contrast. This is your chance to get your hands on a pattern that is sure to impress at the upcoming Blade Show. With the likes of JB of JB Blades and others planning to heavily showcase this innovative new creation! Although we are releasing a BIG selection, this one has proven extremely popular- don’t miss out!


 “Hard work pays off if you’re patient enough to see it through.” 


– Michael Chandler

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