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We Need Forge Tongs & Sneak Peek for Saturday’s Drop! TFN

Happy Friday, Gents!

Another week has nearly come and gone here in steel paradise! In last week’s newsletter we teased a RipTide drop, and sure enough on Tuesday we dropped the crowd-pleaser RIPTIDE ULTRA in a Ripple pattern! There are still a few bars left, so if you missed the drop, GET YOURS NOW! You can find them on our site, just click here!

Aside from the push for RipTide, the shop guys continue to push to load up on stock bars for the upcoming BladeShow ATLANTA June 7-9! We mentioned it last week, but we’ll say it again; we couldn’t be more thrilled to finally host our own booth at this beloved event. If you plan on making it to the “World Largest Knife Show” please stop by our table and say “hey!” You will find us at booth #1149!

Are you a pro at making forge tongs? 

We are looking to commission 4 new pairs of forging tongs to equip our shop guys in their new space. If you fancy a forge tong or know someone who is a tong-forging ace, please send inquiries to We look forward to further investing in tools made by this incredible community.


👀 Saturday Sneak Peek 👀

The RipTide isn’t done yet… and we’re only giving you the heads up HERE- Look out for The Original RipTide Ripple dropping TOMORROW at 8pm EST. This classic RipTide was a HUGE fan-favorite when we first released it, and now you’ll have the chance to get your hands on this iconic bar. Don’t miss out, set your alarms and keep your eyes peeled for our announcement across all social media platforms!


“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” 

– Aristotle

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