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💥Offered as an add-on to any billet purchase💥 (must be purchased WITH the steel)


- If you're purchasing multiple billets, then you need to purchase mulitple Services. The billet services fee are for 1 billet


Rolling Mill Service:


With this purchased add on you can specify what thickness you'd like your billet rolled down to prior to shipping. This feature allows you to purchase a bar of our material, even if its too thick for your application, and we will roll it out to your required specs. This will NOT make the billet any wider, But it will stretch the pattern out some. We can roll billets as thin as 0.08"


** IF THE BILLET YOU ARE PURCHAING ALREADY HAS BEEN FLAT GROUND, New scale will form during the rolling process. If you wish this scale to be removed, please also add the surface grinding service


(Baker Forge reserves the right to trim down billets due to kiln/shipping constraints, but your bar of steel will never be cut shorter then listed when purchased. Generally, most of the extra material gained is left on the bar. )


Surface Grinding Service:


This add on allows you to request your purchased billet to have the scale ground off. We will take the forge scale off with a fortified abrasive and then take a few passes on each side on our surface grinder to true it up.


(Note: This sometimes will NOT remove all the forging texture from the bar. This service is designed to simply remove the outer scale and add an extra element of flatness to the billet prior to shipping for those buyers who wish to save that step in their own shops. Bar thickness dimenision will also reduce slightly by about 0.02" - 0.03"with this service)



Billet Services (Rolling/Grinding)

PriceFrom $35.00
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