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We are now offering a totally differnet type of endcut! 


One of the steps in our production process requires the long edges of our cladding bars to be cut off by bandsaw. This leaves a nice "stick" of material that's not the proper size for us to use.  These are a varity of coppermascus, bronzemascus, tigermascus and Elite Coppermascus.


We have been saving all these edge bars cause we knew someday we'd do something with them. A while back we sent a few over to Darrin at Stormlight Forge and he twisted them into a few custom screwdrivers! Totally badass! (See pic above) 


So there are probably a million different things that these could be used for, but we just will not ever get around to it, so we are selling them off in bundles! See specs below.



- Length - 15”-30” (Varied)

- Size - 0.25”x0.5”- 0.5”x0.75”

Approx 25 sticks per bundle of all sizes. This will vary as the bundles were packaged more by weight and evenly distributed sizes) 





*** Please note, these are sold as is. Endcuts/edgebars do not fall under our normal return/refund polices. 

Copper Damascus Sticks (Bundles)

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