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Introducing our Damascus Stock, available in three exquisite variations: 50 layer, 100 layer, and 200 layer.

Crafted with precision and care, this product is tailored for smiths who aspire to elevate their creations without the hassle of crafting the base Damascus themselves.


Each variant offers a meticulously crafted foundation for your forging endeavors, allowing you to focus solely on pattern making, forging, and creating your own unique steels. With our Damascus Stock, you can unleash your creativity without being encumbered by the time-consuming process of starting from scratch.


Whether you're a seasoned blacksmith seeking to push the boundaries of your craft or an aspiring artisan looking to hone your skills, our Damascus Stock provides the perfect canvas for your artistic vision. From intricate knife blades to ornate jewelry pieces, the possibilities are endless with our premium Damascus Stock.


Choose the layer count that best suits your project requirements and embark on a journey of creativity and innovation. With our Damascus Stock, the art of forging becomes not just a craft, but a masterpiece in the making.


- Cut in your own patterns!

- Forge out blades hassle free!

- Make your own laminated SanMai's with ease!




- 1084 and 15n20 Damascus (Straight layers, no patterning added) 

- Forged Finish

- Billets come fully annealed



 (Please read if you wish to have your billet rolled thinner or surface ground) 


We have a system in place for accepting requests for billet rolling and surface grinding services. Please click this LINK or see the product below called (Billet Services) This will need to be added to your cart along with your billet during checkout if you wish to have it rolled thinner or surface ground prior to shipping. 


Any billet purchased without this add-on will NOT be eligible for these services.

Starter Damascus (100 Layer)

PriceFrom $79.00
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