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DarkMai (Coppermascus) 


This billet is a very unique "GoMai" layup. 80crv2 is used for both the cladding and core material. Coppermascus is used in between these layers as an accent. These billets, when etched, results in a "Black out" look and really make the Copper layers pop! 


- Annealed

- Flat ground



 (Please read if you wish to have your billet rolled thinner or surface ground) 


We have a new system in place for accepting requests for billet rolling and surface grinding services. Please click this LINK or see the product below called (Billet Services) This will need to be added to your cart along with your billet during checkout if you wish to have it rolled thinner or surface ground prior to shipping. 


Any billet purchased without this add-on will NOT be eligible for these services.



What is “Coppermascus”??

Coppermascus was developed in 2020 by BakerForge by designing a fusion welding process for Copper to Carbon steel without the use of pure nickel. The result is a far stronger bond as shown during shear testing. The Coppermascus we offer is normally comprised of Copper with alternating layers of 15n20 and 80crv2 for unique contrasts.




DarkMai (Coppermascus)

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