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This newest pattern in our lineup is inspired from our origional AuroraMai pattern except we took out the bronze shim and replaced it with a pure nickle shim! Now a stunning pattern with dark cladding and core with a beautiful 25 layer damascus running though it with copper and nickel shims encasing it. Classy!  



- 80crv2 cladding, Copper shim, 100 layer Damascus, Pure Nickel shim, with 80crv2 core

- Flat Ground

- Fully Annealed 



 (Please read if you wish to have your billet rolled thinner or surface ground) 


We have a new system in place for accepting requests for billet rolling and surface grinding services. Please click this LINK or see the product below called (Billet Services) This will need to be added to your cart along with your billet during checkout if you wish to have it rolled thinner or surface ground prior to shipping. 


Any billet purchased without this add-on will NOT be eligible for these services.


** Photo is a stunning blade by Jordon over at JB Blades using this exact material. PLEASE NOTE, the wavy line running down the length of the blade is NOT in the steel pattern. It was carved in by Jordon.  

** Product being sold is STEEL only, not an actual knife.

"Elite" AuroraMai (Cu/Ni)

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