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💥3D Mosaic Damascus!💥 (one of a kind piece that will not be made again)


Here's a sweet pattern we started in the 2022 Baker Forge Hammer-In a few months ago. After the event we finished out the bar and its now ready to be made into some knives! 

For this pattern we used the new technique of utilizing a 3D printed form inside a powder canister to create the unique look. This concept comes from Steve Schwarzer and Ron Hardman.  




- 16”x2.125”x0.20”

- 1084/15n20 Damascus Steel 

- True mosiac pattern (pattern will stay consistent all the way through the thickness of the bar) 

- Fully Annealed 

- One side precision ground and etched to show pattern layout 




We normally allow customers to request bars be thinned down for their projects. However, since this steel is a mosaic pattern, the further we roll it, the more streched the pattern becomes. That being said, since this is NOT laminated steel and the pattern is consistent all the way though the bar, if you need it just a tad thinner, we recommend grinding to that thickness as to not distort the pattern any more. This service can be preformed at our shop prior to shipping for an additonal fee of $40.




"Navajo Blanket" - Mosaic Damascus

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