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 Integral billets that allow ANY maker to make an integral bolster knife without needing a forge or anvil. We've done the hard part for you! 

These billets have forge welded bolsters for a stunning look and elegance that only an integral knife can have!



14.25" overall (8" blade)

2" wide blade/bolster

0.125" thick billet (blade)

1" thick at bolster 

1.75" bolster length


- A 120 layer random damascus patterned blade steel for optimal edge preformace and beautiful flow

- Coppermascus bolsters for a popping handle to blade transition! (Copper is ONLY in the bolster, blade is solid damascus 15n20/1084)

- Billets come annealed with scale



Never made an integral knife before cause you don't have the tooling? Well NO MORE! Get your billet today and make that integral you've been dreaming of. 



- All bolsters are aproxx 1.75" long on either side giving you plenty of room to grind in your handle transition to fit your style. 

- Handle portion including the bolster measures 5.5" long. So lots of room for many handle designs and lengths.

- Blade lengths are measured from the front of the bolster to the end of the billet (knife tip end) 



** These billets can NOT be rolled thinner 

*** Example blade by Josh Morgan (@primitive.woodsman - IG)

Integral Damascus (Coppermascus Bolster)

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