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Introducing the groundbreaking Mosaic Copper Damascus from Baker Forge – a testament to the fusion of timeless craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation. Crafted through traditional hot work techniques, refined over years of meticulous dedication, this masterpiece represents the pinnacle of artisanal excellence.


Each piece is forged with precision and passion, utilizing the finest materials and the expertise of our skilled smiths. The result? A stunning mosaic of copper and 1084 carbon steel, seamlessly blended to create a work of art that transcends boundaries.


We at Baker Forge have poured over FOUR years of relentless effort into perfecting this unparalleled creation. Now, we are thrilled to unveil it to the world, inviting you to experience the unmatched beauty and quality of our Mosaic Copper Damascus.


Whether you're a connoisseur of fine craftsmanship or an enthusiast seeking the extraordinary, our Mosaic Copper Damascus opens up a world of possibilities. From bolstering your favorite knife to crafting exquisite handle scales, from enhancing hardware to creating stunning jewelry pieces, and even fashioning unique EDC tools, this versatile material offers endless opportunities for creativity and functionality. 



- Blend of Copper and 1084 Steel

- True Mosiac pattern that flows all the way though the bar

- Flat Ground (No scale)

- Billets come fully annealed with a gun blue finish to show the pattern



 (Billet Services are NOT offered for this product) 


Mosaic Copper Damascus (Alien Eye)

PriceFrom $100.00
Out of Stock
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