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These wrought iron bars are forged from large ship chain links and made into much more manageable sizes for the modern day smiths!


All bars are 2" wide and available in several thicknesses.








💥The Wrought iron is sold by the linear inch. Quantity of 1 = 1 inch of stock. 💥


**All bars ship fully insuranced against mail loss


Wrought iron is an iron alloy with a very low carbon content (less than 0.08%) in contrast to that of cast iron (2.1% to 4%). It is a semi-fused mass of iron with fibrous slag inclusions (up to 2% by weight), which gives it a "grain" resembling wood that is visible when it is etched

Wrought iron is tough, malleable, ductile, corrosion resistant, and easily welded.


Wrought iron is highly refined, with a small amount of slag forged out into fibres. It consists of around 99.4% iron by mass. The presence of slag is beneficial for blacksmithing operations, and gives the material its unique fibrous structure. The silicate filaments of the slag also protect the iron from corrosion and diminish the effect of fatigue caused by shock and vibration.

Wrought Iron (Bar Stock)

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