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A HUGE New Addition to Our Team & Wrought is BACK! TFN

It’s Friday!

Something about this month has been special. Following the show, we returned home to an ever-growing list of custom clients ready for large and small orders in various patterns. With lead times widening alongside the sudden rush of orders, we’re ready to expand things a bit more in the new (ish) space. Stay tuned over the NEXT month as Baker Boss, Coy’s new toys begin to arrive at the shop. Growth is always exciting, and with the sense of support we’re receiving from the community, we are STOKED to keep this thing going so we can keep supplying our friends with the best possible mosaics for their work!

Many of you have been seeing Greyson Weltyk of Grey Blades popping up more and more often on socials, and around the shop. As the Co-Creator of our now well-known product, Gator Piss, Greyson has been deeply involved with the business for some time now. But this week we took a bigger step toward bringing him into the fold. We are PROUD to announce we have brought Greyson on as Baker Forge’s FIRST Sales Representative. Greyson’s charisma and knowledge in both knife making and the industry as a whole make him the PERFECT candidate to represent us on a larger scale and we hope to grow through his addition to the team.

As the media team here at Baker slowly sifts through the content we shot during Blade Show ATL, you’ll see some familiar faces hit our socials. With the second and third parts of several series coming down the pipe, we’re having a blast introducing some new faces, interviewing some friends & pillars in our industry, and bringing the community together over shared interests. Although the BS fatigue may be setting in now weeks following the “Big Show”, we trust you’ll enjoy these videos as an opportunity to see the community come together through our media!


👀 Sneak Peek 👀

You guys asked, now you’ll receive. Boy, Wrought is popular. We had no idea until the incessant emails continued to come in requesting more wrought-inspired patterns. Well, this week the shop guys cooked up a Wrought Iron Go-Mai in Wavy AND a tight Ladder layout! Guaranteed to impress, this specific batch of Wrought came out looking especially sexy. As is the new norm; folks on our Baker App will have access to the drop a full day early! For those of you refusing to download another application, you can grab what’s left on our website, Saturday at 8pm EST.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to tag us with your creations!


“A Freudian slip is when you say one thing when you’re really thinking about a mother.”

-Norm on Cheers

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