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A HUGE Post-BladeShow SALE & Recap of the Fun! TFN

Happy Friday, friends!

I don’t even know where to start with admiration for this community following Blade Show Atlanta. Each year this especially large gathering of creatives, makers, and industry-definers reignites our passion for our product and the incredible Makers that provide us with a chance to be represented at this thrilling event. So many things could have gone wrong with this being our first time as exhibitors of a booth for the show. But thanks to a skilled and hardworking staff, a community of friends who love & support our materials, and a helpful and well-organized Blade Show staff, things went WAY better than we could have ever imagined! Which just means we now have the confidence and background to go WAY further with future shows. We’re talking more etch demonstrations, more giveaways and promotions, even more t-shirt designs and killer stickers! Stay tuned, it’s only getting better from here forward!

Following what is sure to be our busiest weekend of the year for our staff, we gave the guys a day off on Monday to rest, recoup, and reconnect with their families. We aren’t kidding ourselves, EVERYONE took a nap and we were ready to roll back into the usual grind early Tuesday morning.

Now with a renewed sense of purpose, we’re jumping head-first into innovation of new patterns and steels, and we CAN’T wait to show you what’s in the works, stay tuned… 👀


👀 Sneak Peek 👀

We returned with some steel and Gator Piss stock and wanted to bless those of you who weren’t able to join us in Atlanta. So now through the end of the weekend we are offering some EXTREME discounts. Get up to 20% off on your favorite patterns, AND get a gallon of Gator Piss at our special Blade Show price of $50 instead of $60!

With a diverse list of steel options and sizes after the show, this is a GREAT time to stock up on materials for your next run of blades or other creations! Checkout the deals and order TODAY, click here for more information.


“Where was my beloved Baker Forge Newsletter last week?” 

- Nobody

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