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INSIDER Details for BladeShow & A BRAND NEW Pattern Method! TFN

It’s that time of the week once again! And, boy, what a week it has been!

Memorial Day came and went without much of a deep breath. Although we might have considered taking the day off to rest and appreciate the sacrifice made by so many for our country, unfortunately, our Blanchard Grinder had other ideas. Overdue for a full round of maintenance, we dedicated the day to lifting the HUGE 1,900lb head, replacing the fluids, tramming the head, re-adjusting the gibs, surfacing the mag table, and cleaning the absolute sh*t out of this important machine. All said and done, it was time well spent, and the Blanchard is better off for it! 

We dropped a quick mid-week round of our ever-popular Damascus End-Cut & Stick bundles. Per usual, they sold out in minutes. Leaving, no doubt, some disappointed Makers a bit late to the surprise drop. Fortunately, these End-Cuts and Sticks are a byproduct of trimming billets down, and are created each and every day. Meaning the more we sell, the higher the pile grows! Stay tuned for many, many bundle drops to come!

Looking forward to Blade Show Atlanta next weekend, we couldn’t be more excited to host close friend and Gator Piss co-founder, Greyson Weltyk both prior to the show, and throughout the weekend in ATL! As part of our time together, we will be working on providing more Gator Piss videos with tips & tricks, FAQ’s, and general information to assist in your etching journey!

In addition to some media work prior to the show, Greyson also joins our team next week to help host our booth over the weekend! Armed with an arsenal of information on the etching process, be sure to drop by the booth to ask questions and meet our resident expert!

With Greyson joining our booth-hosting ranks, the opportunity to establish the “Super-Team” of Blade Show representation became immediately evident. So we called up another friend in the field of knife-making, JB of JB Blades. Frequent creator of test blades made to debut new steel fusions, JB has been a HUGE part of our success, and having him on hand for our first Blade Show seems only right. Present all weekend at our booth (#1149), JB will be available for questions, and is stoked to interact with all our friends at the show!

Over the course of the weekend in ATL, we have a bunch of fun activities planned;

  • Join us Saturday for a LIVE Gator Piss etching demonstration with GP Co-Creator, Greyson Weltyk of Grey Blades. 

  • Drop by the booth to see our BRAND NEW apparel design drop from Baker Head of Media, Waylon. His new t-shirt and hoodie designs are something entirely unique for us, and we’re positive you’ll LOVE them. 

  • Stay tuned for a live-entry giveaway over the weekend. It is, without a doubt, one of our biggest giveaways ever!


The Saturday Drop

This week we cooked up a BRAND NEW steel for y'all. Meet Inferno Go-Core. Utilizing a new layout AND a new patterning process we are able to create a consistent pattern that does not stretch regardless of depth or size. We couldn’t be more excited to get this one out there and hear what folks think of it!

Don’t miss out, these are going to go QUICK! Dropping Saturday, 8pm EST on and the Baker App!


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-Bill Walton (R.I.P)

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