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Stocking Up Blade Show Reveals & A Whole BUNCH of Piss! TFN

It’s Friday again, Makers!

The weather has hit full on Appalachia summer up here in the mountains of North Carolina. You hate to wish for the colder temps, but d*mnit if they didn’t make for better forging temps! We spent the week at a significantly higher operating temperature than we have seen yet in our new shop. In the words of Baker Boss, Coy, “We are sweating balls in the shop!”

Despite the heat, we are STILL pushing at the daily maximum in preparation for Blade Show Atlanta. This week we have been churning out our brand new Mosaic Copper Damascus for a HUGE bulk order. The “unnamed” purchasing company has a very special release planned using this innovative new steel of ours and we are thrilled to fulfill the order in time for this highly anticipated event. 

In addition to the above-mentioned release, we also have been planning several exciting new products to reveal with our friends at the show. With everything on our plate, it’s going to be tight, but the building momentum toward June is inspiring! 

We felt it was about time for Baker to release some fun new “swag” designs, so our media guy, Waylon, has been creatively expressing himself this week and the results were pretty freaking impressive. Stay tuned for a huge overhaul of our options for t-shirts, hoodies, AND stickers, which will, of course, be available at Blade Show along with all of the other fun new stuff!

Last but not least, no busy week would be complete without bringing the team together to mix up another big batch of Gator Piss, our cutting-edge new Etchant. Only this week, we got to do it TWICE! That’s right, we mixed up two full restocks this week to fulfill orders and put a few on the shelf before the next batch. We couldn’t be more thrilled for how this product has been received, and the growing popularity is truly a testament to how well it works. If you haven't tried it yet, pick up a bottle, and explore our library of instructional videos and information here! 


👀 Sneak Peek 👀

In place of our normal “sneak peek”, we’ll give you the heads up here; we’re winding up for a big sale this weekend on the site. Keep your eyes peeled on socials for the announcement. Until then, enjoy this blurred teaser of our announcement graphic. Don’t miss out, our supplies will be limited!


“Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.”


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