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Baker Studios, APEXULTRA, and FireStorm! TFN


Friday, finally!

And oh, what week it has been. With the wheels of progress fully in motion, the Baker Forge headquarters is humming with energy. The shop guys are already accustomed to their new space and working seamlessly together once again. The future is surely ripe with innovation as a result of the hard last few weeks and our upgraded quiver of tools.

We were stoked to introduce a new partnership earlier this week as Baker Forge is now a distributor of ApexUltra, buy bar stock NOW on the website! This steel was specifically designed for handmade knives and we are thrilled to offer it to our customers.

ApexUltra is a low alloy design, it is forgable, forge-weldable, and its fine carbides make the steel relatively easy to finish and sharpen. With its high purity and well-balanced alloy composition it has the highest toughness of all knife steels tested so far in the 66+ HRC range along with excellent edge retention.

We hope to incorporate this ground-breaking new steel into some future drops but you can purchase it now on our site here.

With our office, marketing department, and shipping center already settled in, Waylon finally got his studio reconstructed in its new home at Baker Forge Headquarters. This means things at Baker Forge Studios are back in full operations. Waylon has been crushing some studio work this week, capturing a badass set of Knuckles from ToothHurty and an INSANE sword from Grey Blades. We are excited to have the sister project back in shape to receive any project you might want forever embroiled in the highest quality photo and video for both portfolios and marketing purposes. To see more of what we are doing with the studio, check out the site here.

In other news, Baker Boss is already working to fill the massive additional space we now have at Baker Forge Headquarters - this week he found and purchased a massive steel lathe. A fun new addition to the trove of machines living in our new space, we expect to challenge the limits of our industry with new and innovative concepts down the road as we are now armed with the best tools available to us. Stay tuned to see the lathe in action!



Get hyped! This Saturday at 8pm EST, we're unleashing our FireStorm Ripple, this time with a Damascus Core! Folks LOVE the dam-core whenever we bring this one back around and this time we are dropping it in a beautiful ripple pattern. A bunch of sizes available, so don’t miss out!


“It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be.”


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