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CopperMai W's Core & a Shop-Guy Down! TFN



The days following an exciting BladeShow TX felt like a slowdown for us, despite a surprise Tuesday drop AND the upcoming Saturday drop!

Baker Boss, Coy debuted a one-off design collab bar with Greyson Weltyk of Grey Blades and asked viewers what to do with it. The overwhelming response requesting a raffle may have decided its fate, so stay tuned for a chance to get your hands on this (extremely limited edition) mosaic bar!


We couldn’t let Shop-Guy, Sam go without a farewell reel, so if you missed it, catch a heartwarming (and goofy) goodbye to our old pal. Headed on to brighter things, he’ll be missed!


🔥 CopperMai Ws Core is BACK 🔥

Exciting news! This Saturday at 8 pm EST, we're unleashing the highly anticipated return of Coppermai W's Core—a crowd favorite that's back by popular demand!

Crafted with precision, this bar features copper damascus cladding, our signature 10-84 in copper laminated over our crushed W damascus core. The result? A stunning, high-layer look with incredible contrast.

Sizes are plentiful, but be warned—this bar sold out quickly last time! Set your alarms, bookmark our site (, and get ready to secure your Coppermai W's Core this Saturday. Don't miss out on the craftsmanship that defines Baker Forge!


"Craftsmanship is not just a skill; it's a dance with the elements, an artistry that echoes in every creation." 


- Unknown


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