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Stainless Core CopperMai in AEBL AND NitroV & SNEAK PEEK for Next Week! TFN

Happy Friday, Makers!

It’s been a fun week debuting something we have been working on for quite some time now- Stainless Core Coppermai! Officially dropped on Wednesday, this new Stainless Coppermai offered in both AEBL and NitroV is already a staple in our lineup. After all the work that went into refining this layout, we couldn’t be more stoked to see what ya’ll do with it, so be sure and tag us!

Aside from the preparation for dropping the Stainless Core Coppermai, we spent some shop time turning a couple of new punch dies on our lathe. With the new dies on our GIANT punch press, we’re closer than ever to a Plug Welded Mosaic Damascus drop in the near future, which is something we are very excited about.

With research and development on the mind, Coy has been working to prototype more 3D print canister damascus round bar. After fine tuning this process we expect some really innovative products to rise from the concept, so stay tuned later this year for more!

Last week’s raffle for the insane “Feather Web” Damascus went off without a hitch and we were thrilled to have so many folks jump on and put their name in to win. We officially announced our winner, Luke Sparrow of Feathered Knife Works on Tuesday! We can’t wait to see what Luke does with this one-of-a-kind experimental bar!

We rounded last week out with a visit from Justin Burton of War Crown Forge. Hosting him for a little work on a very special custom bar for an upcoming project. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!



Keep an eye out next week, we have something special on the way for the drop and I am being told it includes….BRONZE 👀


“The question isn’t who is going to let me: it’s who is going to stop me.” 


– Ayn Rand

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